Do Ewe Need Kappris

Do Ewe Need Kappris?

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We can now offer software that simplifies print processes. Reduce the amount you print...

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"We have had nothing but positive feedback from our users. " Wright Hassall

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Kutana is a software development company specialising in document production and print management software.We provide IT services and solutions to businesses and in particular to the legal industry. In addition to the development of bespoke software and products, we also offer support and consultancy services. With offices based in Oxfordshire, Kutana has been established for more that 15 years and continues to experience a strong and stable growth. Our team of technical experts has years of experience in delivering unique, innovative and often complex software development projects.

About Kappris

Kappris Product Features

Product Feature

Kappris print management software provides a universal interface to all devices and focuses on user productivity and the reduction of a firms printing .

Printing to Kappris allows one-click selection of how you will print including printing multiple documents from multiple applications.

  • Worksite integration
  • Word integration
  • Outlook integration
  • Stapling
  • Universal interface
  •  Hole punching
  • Binding
  • Turn duplex and colour on and off
  •  Print from all applications
  • Centralised control for administrators
  • Administrators can allow user preferences
  • Kappris saves time, money, paper, toner and IT resources
Kappris Product Features

Product Benefits

  • Kappris is easy for users with its one-click printout selection
  • No macros or hard coding
  • Kappris is easy for administrators to configure and maintain
  • Kappris hides printer driver complexity from your users
  • Kappris minimises scope for printing errors: wrong paper, wrong options etc
  • Kappris enforces printing rules to save resources
  • Kappris makes a multi-model printing environment easy to work with
  • Kappris saves time, money, paper, toner, frustration and IT resources